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Medical Department of BST Co.

Business Schema Trading Company (BST) has the  honor to submit this simple company's activities and some of the International Companies that BST represents in Saudi Arabia.

Medical Department  of BST is consider as one of the major medical equipment suppliers in Saudi Arabia.

The Major basis of our behaviour with our valuable customers is the purity of efficiency in our services, after sales support, goodness and trust.

Medical Department of BST can provide all these services :

arrow1Delivers new medical equipment.

arrow1Delivers all kind of  spare parts such as Electronic Boards, Lamps, X-ray tubes,ultra sound probes, thermal papers, oxygen sensors, SPO2 sensors, CTG transducers, gears, belts , batteries , consumables

arrow1 Complete range of ECG units of 1,3,6 and 12 channels with interpretation. Stress test system and halter workstation.

arrow1 Complete E.N.T. Department : ENT units, microscope,  electro surgery endoscopy, imaging, head light, light source, surgical instruments, audiometers, tympanometer and silent cabinets.

arrow1X-Ray System : Fixed and Mobile, Fuoroscopy, Mammography, C-Arm, X-Ray units, Panorama (Digital and Analog).

arrow1New X-Ray Tubes for all brands and names (General and CT)

arrow1New Ultra Sound Units and Probes for all brands and names

arrow1Complete Ophthalmology Clinic : Auto refract meter, slit lamp, lens meter, retinoscope, direct ophthalmoscope, projector, indirect Ophthalmoscope, frames, ishara books and Ophalmology units.

arrow1Complete PRE-Installation works for X-Ray department : Cassettes, Leads shielding protection, accessories, Lead Glass, ID Camera, Automatic Film Processor and X-Ray Positioning Doll and Radiation Leakage Certificate and Computed Radiograph CR Units and Film Badge for explosure readings.

arrow1Complete Physiotherapy Department (Ultrasound, Galvanic and Faradic Units, Stimulation, Interferential, Hot Packs, Cool Packs, Positive continuous movement, Treadmill, Cervical and Lumber Traction, Wax Bath, Shoulder Wheel, Stairs and Stemps, Short Wave Micro Wave.)

Hospital Requirements :

arrow1Beds, Stretchers, Operating room's carts, cabinets, scrub sink stations, Nursing appliances (all different specialities), all X-Ray Accessories(Slim illuminators Fixed & Mobile, Apron Hangers, X-Ray film and Cassette cart) OR equipments(Tables, Lights, Suction) and Mortuary equipments(seperate units upto 10 bodies), lifts, regrigerated Cabinets, S.S body tray, work table, autopsy scale, dissecting Table, Autospy Table and Embalmment System, Formalin Tank.

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