Business Schema Trading is a pure play company based in Saudi Arabia which specializes in IT services, medical devices and Software implementation and integration consultancy with superior value-priced services and reliable delivery for both private and government sector clients. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Jeddah, BST now serves client businesses all over the Kingdom. With competitive growth in the market and recent successes BST is currently recognized as Partners with Microsoft and Cisco. Since the beginning our solid growth has been based on successful expansion policy, the dedication to highest quality customer services and its commitment to continuous technical innovation and development.

Our Mission

Our current objective is to provide competitive consultation, technical support and re-seller services while developing our in-house ERP software for the Arab market and technically enhancing our resource pool of employees. The long term objective is to grow the company at a stable and profitable rate, by then the company would have a pool of expert personal and a stable product (ERP software) for the market which would constantly mature as it is sold to small and medium entities. From there we plan to achieve the global leadership in Information Technology Solutions in many fields and provide high quality medical equipment and products.

Our Vision
Our vision is to build this future with our young, well-trained and highly motivated team, fully committed to our mission, which is none other than giving the best to our clients and make the relation within a long term success.

Our Message
Achieving annual incremented growth in sales and profits for medical equipment agents which we represent in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with providing distinctive services to fulfill acceptance and desires from our clients. And spread our program for “Information System” to large companies in KSA and reaching the global market with providing a complete-solution from our partners in Information technology field.

Our Values
arrow1 A long term partner is better than a hired help: Our relation with our customers exceeds a short term benefits but extends to a long term partnership, so we provide consultation and positive solution that increase his prosperity and efficiency.
arrow1 Our work makes a difference: You cannot know the difference until you try it, and our success with our valued costumer ranging from small to medium.  
  Work Quality: for everything there standards and parameters , and the standards we thrive for:

- Applying Security best practices to ensure data privacy
- Our services reliability goes beyond 95% uptime
- Stable Performance of the service for long periods based on the customer’s requirements.
arrow1 The real investment: there are many ways to invest, and from our experience we found that the best investment is in our employee and it’s the best investment ever and most durable, for that we have applied the most innovative ways of leadership to develop our employees first, results will be for both parties (Service Provider, Client), the rule we go by (Everybody Wins), our main interest is taking care of our employee to provide the best solution that’s going to help our client to accomplish their business more easily and successfully. 

Keys to Success
arrow1 Anticipate client needs and adapt solutions to these needs
arrow1 Differentiate from box-pushing, price-oriented businesses by offering and delivering service and support -- and charging for it  
arrow1 Product quality and customer satisfaction. Everything we sell is guaranteed, so the product has to do what we promise and well
arrow1 Excellence in fulfilling the promise: completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise, and service(s) through the provision of an uncompromising service. This dictates that we have the latest technology, hardware, software, and well-trained personnel so as to deliver this promise. 
arrow1 The ability to produce products on time and on budget, that meet the user's needs and specifications 
arrow1 Long-term customer satisfaction is critical to our survival (developing loyal repeat customers - retainers). 
arrow1 Timely response to clients' orders: we cannot afford to delay our clients for whatever reason, as this will have a negative bearing on our image, reputation, and future business. We need to be continually communicating with the client, ensuring we provide needs-based solutions. 
arrow1 Skill and depth of knowledge: Considering the nature of our services and their relative infancy on the market, the skill and depth of knowledge of our personnel is of utmost importance in determining the provision of the service(s) to the end-users. 
arrow1 Leveraging from a large pool of expertise: The company's various alliances with technological and training partners shall prove invaluable. The skills and intellectual capacity these partners will have in the fields of product support, design and system integration, implementation and execution, lifecycle support and understanding, training and in the application of new technology are intangible benefits to the company 
arrow1 Ability to network in the industry. 
arrow1 The right management team, with strong foundations in marketing, management, finance, and product development. 
arrow1 Enough working capital to survive in the market 

International Partners
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