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Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)

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Hospital Information Management System

Schema HIMS includes access to individual patient’s health records electronically available to users with authorization. Electronic Health Record is the systematic collection of patient data stored in a database table from all medical related transactions. The reliability of data depends on the sources from sub-modules entered by the end-user. The system is pulling data from tables holding the specific hospital transaction through the patient profile category list which represents transactional data on view mode only. Access to Patient Electronic Health Record is controlled by a validation check on the user group’s access. As one of the system’s features, quick access to Electronic Health Record module is granted to authorized end-user throughout the system.

For the business line of the medical institution, revenues practically start at Patient Registration. BST’s clients serve thousands of patients every year. Basic patient information including pertinent documents presented must be secured and properly recorded. Schema HIMS administers to streamline the information provided by the patient. Confidentiality codes are imposed to protect the identity of privileged patients; the system controls the users who can access their health records. Usage of electronic patient registration increases patient satisfaction and reduces information errors. Schema HIMS auto-populates some of the fields with default values which shortens the registration time. It helps the medical institution more efficient and less patient waiting time in the receptionist area. This eliminates unnecessary processes and speed up the first interaction step of the patient in the medical institution.

Some Features:

  • HIMS ensure that patient records and related healthcare transactions are recorded and maintained efficiently, enhancing the profitability
  • The system provides technology assistance to achieve the benefit at the lowest cost while maximizing integrated healthcare system functionalities
  • Patient’s health information monitoring can be done anytime and anywhere
  • Clean, easy-to-use system that provides sharing of information between users through intuitive reports and online inquiries
  • The system’s responsive graphical interface was designed to match most web browser size of laptops, computer desktops or tablets