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Medical Fashion store in Jeddah will become the Medical Fashion headquarters It’s a newly and first one in Saudi Arabia Market as well as Gulf region, aims to deliver the Best and highest quality products from well-known international partners. Creativity, quality in material, and refinement in details, plus 82 years of experience in the field of Medical Fashion: a line exclusively conceived and designed for professional operators in the world of health and care For this reason we have conducted a partnership with a well-known international companies having Creativity, quality in material, extreme accuracy and refinement in details, with many years of experience in the field Medical Fashion, a line exclusively conceived and designed for professional operators in the world of health and care.

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Pastelli is an Italian company founded in the textile sector in 1929, they work in over 42 countries. They specialize in the development and manufacture of aesthetically and technically avant-garde sanitary clothing. Our specially developed fabrics are our distinguishing feature and guarantee of superior resistance. The complete collection includes 150 modules in 32 different across a broad size range to meet the needs of all. We the first one to introduce colour to professional uniforms, suitable style for all body types, we were the first to use exclusively natural fibres and fabrics strictly manufactured in Italy.


Oxypas is a family owned business created in 1994 by entrepreneur Roland QUILLIOT who made it his mission to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people who care others on a day to day basis. Today, the Oxypas brand is sold in 41 countries via a number of distribution companies. The reputation of the brand has grown over the years and healthcare professionals now recognize Oxypas as the most stylish and innovative nursing footwear brand combining STYLE, FIT, COMFORT and PERFORMANCE with all the latest technical features, such as: being lightweight and antistatic; and having slip resistance, shock absorption and removable insoles.

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